#55 Air Swage #55 Air Swage

Recommended Saw Gauge: 14
Maximum Saw Gauge: 13
Minimum Saw Gauge: 15

Our Price: $3,241.00
Champion Saw Tooth Wrench Champion Saw Tooth Wrench

Available in gauges 6-21

The Champion Saw Tooth Wrench has two separate slots for straightening bent teeth high or low.

Order with Champion Saw Tooth Indicator (shown) for maximum performance

Our Price: $80.00
Jockey Grinder (Log Saws) Jockey Grinder (Log Saws)

Sharpen your inserted tooth saws right in the mill, on the saw mandrel, right on the machine. No changing necessary. Precision ground saws in 5 minutes or less for any type saw tooth.

Our Price: $899.00