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#104 Band Resaw Stretcher #109 Band Saw Stretcher

An economically priced band resaw stretcher for smaller shops, the Model 104 handles saws up to 17 gauge and from 2″ to 8″ in width.

The Model 104, with stationary rolls, is ruggedly built with a cast-iron frame using rolls of high-grade steel. This model also features a pressure screw that is equipped with heavy load carrying threads and bearings to evenly exerts and hold roll tension. Both upper and lower rolls are power-driven for uniform pressure and may be changed without losing the perfectly attained factory alignment.

A heavy-duty model (#104-HD) with anti-friction bearings is also available for 10″ and 12″ saws up to 11 gauge.

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The Model 109 floor-mount saw stretcher easily accommodates single- or double-cut bands up to 14″ wide.

High-grade, tool-steel rolls in anti-friction bearings are uniformly ground for accuracy in tensioning. These rolls can be ground to a radius to fit your exact needs. Fast, accurate regrinding of rolls is available.

The rugged, cast-iron frame is reinforced at crucial stress points to withstand extreme pressure. The pressure screw is equipped with anti-friction ball bearings. A replacement set of easily removable rolls can be ordered to your specifications.