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MG Traveling Table Knife Grinder

MG Traveling Table Knife Grinder


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The MG knife grinder is a highly accurate, medium-duty machine that offers many attractive features for larger saw mills and grinding shops, as well as textile plants, plastics plants, printing plants, and tobacco producers.

What these users like most about the MG is that they can get consistent accuracy without paying an enormous price. The MG is a reliable grinder that offers many features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a machine in this price range.

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  • 60" to 110" capacities.

  • 7 1/2-HP grinding head motor with 14" segmental chuck.

  • Quick-set stroke adjustment allows operator to set carriage travel at desired length, increasing speed of production.

  • Built-in, hood-mounted wheel dresser is covered for safety, yet easily accessible by the operator.

  • Motor-driven, recirculating way lubrication system keeps table operating smoothly with minimal maintenance,

  • Recirculating flood coolant system keeps knives cool, prevents burning, hardening, and edge irregularities.

  • Mechanical knife bar with clamps.

  • Worm & gear knife-bar turning mechanism allows easy rotation.

  • Full-fixed way covers protect the system from dust, dirt, grime and vapor contamination.

  • Operator's position located at rear of machine for safety.

  • Variable-rate infeed with predetermined stop removes stock automatically.