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VR Traveling-Head Knife Grinder

VR Traveling-Head Knife Grinder


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The Hanchett Model VR knife grinder is designed for precision accuracy at high production rates. Paper mills and plywood plants use the VR because they likes its speed and reliability for grinding a variety of knife styles to exacting requirements, including plywood veneer knives and doctor blades.

The VR is, in fact, a “baby AK" with most of the same accurate and reliable features as the larger model, but sizes and priced for shops with lower volume knife grinding needs.

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  • 78"-150" capacities.

  • 7-1/2 HP grinding head motor with 16" segmental chuck performs a variety of grinding needs with optimum efficiency.

  • Built-in, hood-mounted wheel dresser is accurate, accessible to the operator and safe.

  • Variable-speed, hydraulic-carriage (15-80' per minute), removes desired amount of stock automatically.

  • Hydraulic infeed system allows operator to remove stock accurately and efficiently.

  • Low-voltage controls offer increased operator safety.

  • Quick-set stroke control allows adjustment of grinding action to desired length of knife for greater efficiency.

  • Vee and flat way system creates a large contact surface, ensuring minimal way loading for less wear.

  • Belted way covers protect the system from dust, dirt, grit and vapor.

  • Motor-driven, recirculating way lubrication system keeps ways operating smoothly with minimal maintenance. -Recirculating flood-coolant system keeps knives cool, prevents burning, hardening and edge irregularities.

  • 6" x 4" mechanical knife bar with clamps quickly and safely secures knives for grinding.

  • Worm & gear knife-bar turning mechanism allows easy rotation of heavy knives.