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Challenger Knife Grinder Hy-Power Traveling Table Knife Grinder VR Traveling-Head Knife Grinder

Challenger offers superior knife-grinding performance and versatility at a very economical price.

Straight knife edges and efficient cutting are the result of Challenger’s vertical-spindle, traveling-head design. The speed of the carriage is infinitely adjustable, permitting grinding of various styles of knives to your requirements. Stock can be rapidly removed, leaving a fine, precise finish. With the variable rate downfeed and rapid traverse features, fast easy loading of knives is sure to please you. The downfeed and traverse features will also operate in the manual mode by flipping the switch on the control panel.

The Challenger is built with very few wear parts, for virtually maintenance-free performance. In fact, you’ll never need to lubricate or repack bearings. The result is increased productivity, with reduced downtime.

Challenger’s low price and minimum initial investment make this knife grinder perfect for sawmills and grinding shops.

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This massive, high-capacity machine is available in lengths from 84″ to 256″. The Hy-Power’s extra-heavy-duty, cast-iron base is molecularly stabilized to reduce vibration, even when removing large amounts of stock at high speeds.

Grinding accuracy is further maintained by a 6 1/2″, precision ground spindle for the grinding wheel, which is mounted with extra-large roller bearings for smoother operation. The grinding wheel is available from 30″ to 36″ for high-production grinding within extreme tolerances.

The Hy-Power is ideal for knife shops, the paper industry or any other industry requiring a reliable, extremely rugged machine for heavy-duty knife grinding.
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The Hanchett Model VR knife grinder is designed for precision accuracy at high production rates. Paper mills and plywood plants use the VR because they likes its speed and reliability for grinding a variety of knife styles to exacting requirements, including plywood veneer knives and doctor blades.

The VR is, in fact, a “baby AK" with most of the same accurate and reliable features as the larger model, but sizes and priced for shops with lower volume knife grinding needs.

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HAN Series Knife Grinder MG Traveling Table Knife Grinder SK-24 Circular Knife Grinder

The HAN Series Heavy-duty knife grinder is designed with the versatility necessary for small mills. Its simple operation, accuracy and economical cost make the HAN Series a valuable asset to your profitability.

The HAN Series Heavy-duty knife grinder is powered by a rugged 5-HP motor with a 10″ cylinder wheel. It is equipped with a standard mechanical knife bar. It is available in 48″, 60″, and 84″; capacities and has a recirculating flood coolant system to keep knives free of burning, hardening, and edge irregularities.

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The MG knife grinder is a highly accurate, medium-duty machine that offers many attractive features for larger saw mills and grinding shops, as well as textile plants, plastics plants, printing plants, and tobacco producers.

What these users like most about the MG is that they can get consistent accuracy without paying an enormous price. The MG is a reliable grinder that offers many features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a machine in this price range.

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The SK-24 Circular Knife Grinder is the accepted standard for the paper industry and has enjoyed increasing popularity in the rubber, tobacco and food processing industries as well. The reason is that the SK-24 grinds slitter knives with extreme accuracy and an excellent surface finish. Top and bottom bevels can be ground to a micro-inch finish on a variety of slitter knife types, with diameters from 3″ to 24″.

The SK-24 features a work spindle that can be easily adjusted to different bevel angles for the exact desired angle of grind, from 0 to 90 degrees. The grinder is fully automatic with a DC drive for work-spindle rotation and an oscillating device on the grinding wheel slide for consistent grind across the surface of the bevel.

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AK Traveling Head Grinder

The AK is the flagship of the Hanchett line and the standard of the industry. AK’s have proven their worth in grueling, high-production environments the world over.

AK machines are available to grind parts up to 485 inches long, and longer, to extremely accurate tolerances at high production speeds.

Their massive cast iron base, heat-treated for molecular stabilization, virtually eliminates unwanted vibration. Durable vee and flat ways, handscraped to precision tolerances for minimal wear, are protected from airborne particles and vapor by belted covers.

The AK’s traveling head uses only about half the space of traveling table type grinders. Stock removal amounts can be set by manual or automatic infeed. The AK sharpens a wide variety of part types, shapes, and sizes to exacting tolerances, including straight, bevel, or hollow-ground knives.

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